Bath- Day Trip to the Georgian City

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Short weekend escapes nicely breaks the work routine. We can’t always escape abroad. There is a limit on how many holidays we can have when working/studying full-time. Sadly. We are so used to travelling 2h+ that the 4h+ trip to … Continued

Where to go for the first ski holiday? Bansko, Bulgaria

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Our skiing story begins with New Year’s resolutions. There are mixed opinions on New Year’s resolutions but I like it as I am bit of ‘to do list’ person. So, last year I set two tasks for us: 1) learn … Continued

Dubai! What to do there?

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Dubai. Mhmm….Honestly, it was never my first choice of holiday destination but I ended up spending all 7 nights there. How did this happen?🤔 My reluctance to visit Dubai was based on ‘’oh, there isn’t much to see; there are … Continued