Some of my reasons to TRAVEL!

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There was a house surrounded by different shape and size dwellings. Streets and paths were connecting them like arteries delivering the so needed oxygen. You may find a green patch relieving itself as a garden or even a park. If you are lucky enough, you may have a lake or even a sea with a beach. Multiple this setting several times and you get a village, a town and even a city. A beautiful place. A precious place where everything is simple and familiar. Home. Sometimes you have an argument but it dissolves like a sugar cube in the water. You know all its secrets and desires. It is your place after all. Why would you leave it?

An intruder stirs the water like storm raindrops landing on the lake. Fascinating and frightening at the same time. Travel. Adventure. Dreams? It has many names. You are ready (or you think you are). Your first flight, drive, run or walk towards a new destination is like your first spoiled pancake. Soon you will master the art of pancakes. Oh yes, you are growing again. Not your body but YOU.

Travelling brings much more than just nice pictures, enhanced taste buds, or exposure on the social media. Why do YOU travel? Stop a minute and reflect. If you haven't started yet, hope some of my reasons motivates you to start.

Do you remember your first trip? I don’t mean the high school trips or trips that your liver worked overtime or trips were you placed yourself between the four walls of the resort. I mean your first organised TRIP. The excitement puts the scary parts like fire fighters put the fire down. But the fear of unknown is there. I had A, B and even C plans for everything. The second trip is much steadier and easier. You learn how to walk and before you know you are running. Chasing your dreams. Living your dreams. The transition from “I don’t know” to the “I can do it” is astonishing. Confidence, do you still doubt it? Confidence that translates into your daily life too.
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self development
Even standing water starts stinking after awhile. Don’t stop developing yourself. Languages, histories, customs, stories, people- all of this and more will empower you to see the colours of the world. Colours that paint places, people, space, and even time. Everything has a colour. (I wish I were a painter). The palette is infinite. Colourful life is more vibrant than the monochrome. Wouldn’t you agree?
Imagination and creativity are two friends holding hands. I fuelled my imagination through the books. It was my travel. Books are still my companions but now I am on the stage in my travel play. I am neither a painter nor a writer. My creativity blossoms like snowdrops simply and personally impactful.
When I started this blog just over a month ago I didn’t really have a clear idea what it would be. I still don’t know and I am fine with it. Some things don’t have clearly defined lines and need time to come to the full view. I can relate it to my travels too as appreciation of what you see around you grows with time. I guess the main aspect of this adventure I like is reflection on the trips I have had and will have. Learning what is really important in my life and appreciating it more than before. Thus knowing how lucky I am. And with all this the inner happiness and peace that we all of us are searching is growing day to day.
Is the world a small place? It is neither small nor big. It is diverse. Travel and see it. 


So, why do YOU travel?

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