My love for travelling started in early school with Jules Verne’s book “Around the world in 80 days”. It was followed by another and another book. Many books. Finally, I was turning not books’ but world’s pages. My self-organised trips started in the first year of my undergraduate degree and never stopped since.

Travel is an experience. Budget or expensive holidays, I loved all of them for same and different reasons. My travel luggage is filled with experiences from 4 continents and over 17 countries. I love my job in healthcare but I use every free opportunity to travel, see and learn more. So my travel continues!

I am a collector. I collect places, sunsets and rises, views, feelings, tastes, and of all things I collect dreams and I want to share these with you!

Distance is nothing. Travels taught me that not the time spent getting to the destination but people, experiences and memories there are much more important.

I drink tea at places I read about in books and feel that the world is not that big after all. I smile, I laugh, I open my eyes, I see the colours and I grow. I never stop growing. I don't want to stop growing.

I travel, I escape, I be myself and at the same time someone else.

All is an illusion. I am nurturing mine.