Who are we?

We have known each other for almost ten years before we tied the knot! Both of us felt in love with travelling & exploring.

Our first ever holiday trip was to Paris. I know, how romantic it is to start the never ending journey of travelling with Paris. Travelling has become a huge part of our lives.

We first explored Europe and gradually visited places outside Europe. Together we have visited 21 countries and are always thinking about our next adventure, big or small.

At first we thought that self-organizing trips can be challenging. After doing couple of them, we have realized that it is not that hard. We like to travel on a budget and look for the best deals. Of course, sometimes we bend the rule and treat ourselves with some luxury. You can see our adventures in the blog!

This blog gives us a platform to share what we have learned in out trips that may come handy to you too!

Kristina & Eimantas